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In 1876 R. M. Delamere entered his chestnut colt, Tyrconnell, in the National Produce Stakes Horse Race. Tyrconnell was considered the underdog, the odds were 100 to 1, in this most prestigious race. The crowd gathered was surprised by his victory. Tyrconnell captured their imaginations that day. Local gentlemen distiller, A. A. Watt was among the crowd that day and decided to make a small batch whiskey to honor the local champion. Watt only intended to make the whiskey, " The Tyrconnell" once, but it turned out to be his most popular Irish Whiskey. Before Prohibition, it was claimed to be the best selling Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Through all these years, The Tyrconnell still maintains the same commemorative label celebrating his victory.  

The Tyrconnell is double distilled, a trademark of Cooley/Kilbeggan Distilleries and tastes of honey and orchard fruit. They believe the double distillation retains more flavor to their whiskeys.   It is the perfect introduction for someone new to drinking Single Malt Irish Whiskey. It is smooth and has a rich texture. We recommend drinking it over a gentlemen's cube or neat.