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Natterjack Irish Whiskey

Natterjack Irish Whiskey comes from the great minds of Aiden Mehigan, Founder and Distiller, Jordan Via, Master Distiller and Lisa Mehigan, Co-Founder of Gortinore Distillers and Company. It all began when Aiden was in Detroit and visited a Distillery.  He fell in love with Whiskey and was intrigued by the alchemy of the Whiskey making process. He took a distilling course and literally bumped into Jordan in the parking lot and ended up working at Breckenridge Distillery. Observing the Craft of Whiskey making the idea for Natterjack Irish Whiskey was born.  Jordan was working at Breckenridge Distillery as an award winning Master Distiller. He is the brains behind Bob Dylan's Heaven's Doors Whiskey. He is known for his rye-forward bourbons. He was intrigued by Irish Whiskey, even though he never had the opportunity to make one, and shared Aiden's desire to shake things up, do something different. They wanted to explore new flavor profiles for Irish Whiskey and pair Irish Traditions with American techniques. When Aiden returned from Breckenridge he told Lisa about his vision. Her creativity and curiosity were sparked and she has been building the Brand ever since.

Natterjack is the only toad native to Ireland. It walks when all other toads hop. It chooses its own path and shows up in the most unlikely of places. There could be no other name for this unique Whiskey.

Natterjack Irish Whiskey is triple distilled, carefully crafted using Irish and American techniques. It starts out aging in ex-Bourbon barrels which is traditional Irish, then finishes in perfectly charred Virgin Oak barrels, traditional American. Natterjack's mash bill is 20% Barley and 80% grain.  It tastes of a smooth, creamy, orange, orange zest, cedar, and notes of tobacco, with a clean fresh finish.  We recommend you enjoy it neat, with a gentleman's cube, or in a refreshing high ball.