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Knappogue 12, 14, and 16

What connects us to each Irish Whiskey in our collection is the story behind it.  In 1966 Irish American Mark Edwin Andrews and his wife, Lavone began restoring Knappogue Castle after stumbling across it while traveling through Ireland.  

Andrews was a businessman and lover of Irish spirits, Lavone an Architect. This love had him collecting casks of fine old pot still Whiskey as a hobby for himself and friends. 

The Irish whiskey was so popular that he started bottling it until the last bottle in 1951, a vintage aged 36 years. His son Mark Andrews carries on the family legacy, bringing the world his father's 1951, considered the rarest and oldest Irish whiskey around. The name Knappogue means kiss of the hill in Gaelic, so fitting for such a beautiful, iconic landmark. The castle inspired the name of the whiskey.

Knappogue 12

Knappogue 12 year old is a great place to start when you're ready to sip and linger over your Irish Whiskey and not just take a shot.  Think of it as waving goodbye to your college self and saying hello to your more mature, sophisticated, but still fun loving self.

Knappogue 12-year-old is a single malt Irish Whiskey. It is tripled distilled and aged for at least 12 years in Bourbon Casks. It's smooth, with a bit of spice, and has a nice finish. We recommend drinking it neat, maybe with a drop or two of water or on the rocks with a gentleman's cube. It's a great Irish Whiskey to enjoy before your meal, just sit and sip while studying our wine list and continue to enjoy it as you decide on your dinner selections. 

Knappogue 14

Knappogue 14 year old is one of two expressions in the Twin Wood line.  It is the combination of 14 year old Single Malts from the same distillery.  It is aged in Bourbon Casks and Oloroso Sherry Casks. It is triple distilled in limited quantities at 92 proof. Knappogue 14 has a rich flavor of nuts, spice, and vanilla which give way to a delightful fruit, dry barley finish.  We suggest you enjoy it neat or with a gentlemen's cube.

Knappogue 16

Knappogue 16 year old is the second expression In the Twin Wood line. It is aged for 14 years in Bourbon Casks and spends it's final 2 years in Oloroso Sherry Casks. The extra time in the Oloroso Casks adds nutty and complex Sherry notes. It is deep and complex, fruity and slightly sweet and has a nice long finish. We also suggest you enjoy it neat or with a gentleman's cube.