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Jack Ryan Single Malt

Jack Ryan Single Malt 12-year-old Irish Whiskey comes from a family that has six generations in the Irish Whiskey business. It began in the 1820s when John Ryan started learning his craft at the Limerick Distillery. He later moved on to manage at Birch's, which was located in Roscrea, Tipperary, near his family farm in Toomevara. His son Michael Ryan began working with him and supplied barley from their farm. 

Thomas Ryan was the oldest son of Jack and Maria's twelve children, born during the time Ireland was recovering from the Great Famine and Irish Whiskey still ruled the world. There were five distilleries within fifty miles of their home. Thomas Ryan was fascinated with the finishing of barley, preferring that over the sowing of barley.  He was 21 when he moved to Dublin to start his apprenticeship. His life's passion was what he specialized in, to source, finish, and bottle his very own Irish Whiskey. He wanted it to display the family name and in 1913 finally hit on Ryan's Malt. It was a favorite of Dubliners. 

Along the way, the very savvy Thomas picked up a string of City Public Houses, thus supplying and dispensing  Ryan's Malt. Thomas's son Jack carried on the trade until the decline of Irish Whiskey, but the family kept the Pubs going. 

Jack's son Eunan grew up hearing the story of Ryan's Malt and vowed to revive it. In 2007 he established the Jack Ryan Whiskey Company. Its focus is clear, quality finishing of premium single malt. In 2013, Jack Ryan 12-year-old Single Malt was revived to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the family's Beggars Bush Public House located on Haddington Road in Dublin. Thomas Ryan's dream lives on, the family name is displayed on the label, along with a picture of him, The Beggars Bush Pub, and son Jack.

Jack Ryan Single Malt

Jack Ryan 'Beggars Bush' Single Malt is aged for 12 years and matured in ex-Bourbon Casks chosen by the family. It tastes of fresh pineapple, lemon, orange marmalade, ginger, honey, and oak. It has a smooth and oily texture and is very easy to drink. We recommend you enjoy it neat.