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Connemara Original and 12 year

Connemara is Ireland's first modern-day peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey.  It is named for the wild mountainous region along Ireland's West Coast. This area is home to mountains, lakes, streams, glens, and rain-soaked peat bogs that create a uniquely beautiful landscape. The bogs are a natural fuel source for the region and have played an important role throughout Irish history. Cottage distillers used the peat to dry the cereal grains used to make Irish Whiskey, imparting a smokiness that makes this type of Irish Whiskey one of a kind. It was once a traditional style of the time that disappeared for many years and was brought back in 1999 when Cooley Distillery introduced the Connemara brand.  Most people think all Irish Whiskey is triple distilled, but at Cooley/Kilbeggan they double distill all their whiskeys. This is what truly sets all their brands apart.

Connemara Original

Connemara Original is a blend of aged Single Malt whiskeys, 4 year, 6 year, and an 8 year. The 4 year gives it a level of vibrancy, the 8 year adds depth, and the 6 year marries them together. It is a perfect balance of peat, with sweet malt and oak. It tastes silky smooth, of honey and malt, giving way to the peat. We recommend enjoying neat or with a gentlemen's cube.

Connemara 12 year

Connemara 12 year has a full, rounded, complex flavor that is both smooth and smokey at the same time. It tastes of vanilla cream and lemon, with spice, honey, and smoke and produced in limited quantities each year. We recommend enjoying it neat or with a gentleman's cube.