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HYDE Irish Whiskey

HYDE Irish Whiskey is made by Conor Hyde and his brother Alan whose family has been in the Irish Whiskey business for twelve generations since 1640. They are helping to revive the tradition of being Whiskey Bonders. HYDE is a presidential quality Irish Whiskey named to honor the first President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde. He was an academic, linguist, scholar, politician and diplomat. Douglas Hyde was an inspirational leader who championed the Gaelic language and culture. The date on each bottle represents an important date in Irish History that is directly associated with President Douglas Hyde.

HYDE No. 5 The Aras Cask 1860

HYDE No. 5 The Aras Cask 1860 is bottled in small batches. It carries on its Presidential theme throughout the label, and it's called The Aras Cask after the Presidential Residence, Aras an Uachtarain. It is Single Grain Irish Whiskey made from corn aged 6 years and finished in Burgundy Casks. It tastes creamy and nutty, with notes of custard, orchard fruit, red berry, and honey. It has a nice long finish of spice, oak, and barley. We recommend you sip it neat or over a gentlemen's cube.

HYDE No. 6 President's Reserve 1938

HYDE No. 6 President's Reserve 1938 is a blend of 75% eight-year-old Single Grain and 25% eighteen-year-old Single Malt both aged in ex-Bourbon Casks, married together and aged an additional nine months in Sherry Casks. It is limited to 5000 bottles. It tastes of caramel, honey, apricot, and apple. It has a rich and oaky finish that lingers. We recommend you enjoy it neat or served over a gentlemen's cube.