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2Gingers is a product of the Cooley/Kilbeggan Distillery and is a double distilled blend. It is the brainchild of Kiernan Folliard, and it was born in Minnesota. Inspired by that Irish can-do attitude and named for his two favorite gingers, his Mom and his Aunt. Folliard owns four well known Irish Pubs in Minnesota. Tiring of slinging other people's Irish Whiskey for years, he decided he wanted to source and blend his own. Enter Cooley/Kilbeggan and their owners Beam-Suntory. They made it the fastest-selling brand in the United States. Folliard's unique marketing approach was first to transform Irish Whiskey from a spirit only enjoyed during the winter to one enjoyed year-round and second to create a trademark cocktail that was crisp and refreshing and would provide an alternative to beer. Doing this made it popular with young drinkers, and non whiskey-drinking women and men. It is called "The Big Ginger." Folliard believes the success of 2Gingers is because it comes from an actual pub. 

2Gingers is delicious and refreshing mixed with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime. 2Gingers Irish Whiskey tastes of fruit, nuts, vanilla, and spice. It is a delicious high ball.